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NEW ESA Empowerment Scholarship Account Program Benefits!
Note: The ESA program is not technically Homeschooling; it is a home study course. The student is part of the public school system and is called a “contract student”. It does however pay for Christian Homeschooling Curriculum, Abeka K-5.


For eligibility requirements:


Other Major fixes to the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program.


Those with students already in the ESA program and many more wishing to participate will benefit greatly from these strengthened school choice options:


  • Allows low-income students attending failing public schools to apply for the ESA program immediately.


  • Slashes the waiting period for all other families who qualify for an ESA from 100 days over 2 years to just 45 days of a single year.


  • Puts a stop to the administrative abuse and the double charging of ESA parents by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).


  • Ends ADE’s “Guilty until Proven Innocent” treatment of ESA Families.


  • Ensures that ESA eligible kindergarten students are never locked out of the program simply because they are learning online.


  • Gives ESA families the flexibility to use ESA funds to supplement their insurance coverage for special needs therapies.


  • Ensures that ESA families have the full amount of time to use their ESA funds in K-12 or for college education.


  • Expedites the processing time in which ADE must approve a qualified ESA application.


  • Empowers the State Board of Education to hear parents’ appeals of ADE’s administrative decisions without having to go through additional bureaucratic red tape.


STO Scholarship increases: Expands those students eligible for School Tuition Organization (STO) scholarships and increases the caps (for the first time since the program was established 12 years ago), so that struggling Arizona families can find the best educational option for their children who:


  • Were homeschooled before enrolling in a qualified school.


  • Moved to Arizona from out of state before enrolling in a qualified school.


  • Participated in an ESA and did not renew the ESA or accept the scholarship in order to accept a specified individual or low-income scholarship or tuition grant.


  • Increases, beginning in 2021, the low-income scholarship or grant cap amount from $6,900 to $7,500 for students in grades 9 through 12.


  • Increases the low-income scholarship or grant limit annual increase from $100 to $200.


More help for students with disabilities: Increased “Lexi’s Law” funding from $5 million annually to $6 million, allowing more families with special needs children to afford an education that best serves their unique needs.

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Scripture places the demand on parents to instruct their children, and to raise them in the nurture and admomition of the Lord, not be subject to the State's idea of education.

We know you're concerned about the the safety of your children and the future of America, and want to see God glorified.

This can feel like a scary process, but that’s why we’ve created a resource library for you, and are creating an on-line community of mentors and support. The resource library provides Christian homeschool support groups located in your state.

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