Legal = State-specific Legal Requirements; This may also include a state association that provides legal support to homeschoolers in that state.

FAQs = Questions you may have for homeschooling in that state.

CHS = Christian Homeschooling Support Groups and/or Associations.

When starting to homeschool in Colorado, you have three legal options to choose from:

  • Registering with a Colorado public school district office via a notice of intent
  • Enrolling in a Colorado-based independent umbrella school
  • Homeschool under a licensed teacher in the state


For more details and guidance: Time 4 Learning Homeschool Laws and Requirements

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Scripture places the demand on parents to instruct their children, and to raise them in the nurture and admomition of the Lord, not be subject to the State's idea of education.

We know you're concerned about the the safety of your children and the future of America, and want to see God glorified.

This can feel like a scary process, but that’s why we’ve created a resource library for you, and are creating an on-line community of mentors and support. The resource library provides Christian homeschool support groups located in your state.

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